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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

What do you learn in a Library Orientation?

These are the most common questions students ask while they are doing their orientation worksheet:

How do you navigate from one database to another?

What is PDF and HTML?

Which databases are best suited for specific classes?

What is the difference between a library book and an ebook?

How do I cite information from the internet or databases?

How do I know if the book is on the shelf?

How do I access "My Account?"

If you cannot attend a face-to-face orientation, or would like to know the answers to some of these questions, the librarian will be happy to make individual appointments. Email or call 386-754-4357.


  • Even though I go to another university now, I'm really glad I learned to use the databases when I was at Lake City Community College. I always go to the databases first, because it saves me time, and the articles are more reliable than just using Google or Yahoo.

    By Anonymous Brena Lepore, at 9:01 PM  

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